Prudential RideLondon

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Colton Junction 9th Aug 2014.
Photo: © David Wragg on flickr.

Les Ross at The Cross. 9th Aug 2014.
Les Ross is stabled at London Kings Cross adjacent to Gasworks Tunnel. Photo: © Jeff Mckever on flickr.

Otterington Nth Yorks 9th Aug 2014.
Photo: © Stuart's Transport on flickr

York 10th Aug 2014
Photo: © sjparrott1971 on flickr.

York 9th Aug 2014
Another shot at this magnificent station. Photo: © Flash_3939 on flickr

Doncaster 8th Aug 2014
Photo: © SNAPPER60809 on flickr

Newcastle 8th Aug 2014
Photo:© Richard Vogel on flickr

Hatchets Lane Foot Crossing, Newark
Photo: © Kevin Frost on flickr

King Edward Bridge, Newcastle 9th Aug 2014
Photo: © Stephen V on flickr

Hambleton South Junction 8th Aug 2014
Photo: © Martin Elsey on flickr

Gamston Bank, Retford 9th Aug 2014
Photo: © Andy Wills on flickr.

Doncaster 9th Aug 2014
A very rare shot of 87002, the only remaining operational member of its class, hauling a passenger train (the GBRf
staff charter) just 2 hours before the arrival of 86259. Photo: © SlightlyReliable70 on flickr.

Finsbury Park 11-08-14
Photo: © andy hebden on flickr

Not Idle over Idle 11-08-14
Photo: © Alan Burkwood on flickr

Eggborough p.s. 11-08-14
P.S.? passenger service? platform stairs? parcel siding? pretty stupid? Webmaster! Photo: © David Wragg on flickr

Hambleton 11-08-14
There's a guy coming Cross Country and just about to cut me up. Photo: © David Hancox on flickr

Morpeth North 11-08-14
Photo: © stephen.lewins on flickr

Carlisle Citadel 11th Aug 2014 Steve Chipperfield driving.
Empty stock move to Carnforth. Photo: © Gordon Edgar on flickr

Leyland 11-08-14
Light engine homeward bound. Photo: © Mark Ainsworth on flickr

Berwick-on-Tweed. 8th August 2014
First time I've seen a photo of 259 with the sea in the background. Railway viaduct too! Photo: © NERI Photography on flickr

Admiralty Arch at the head of The Mall

Not sure where this is or what that strange thing is top right

Victoria Monument, The Mall
Boris Johnston riding to the left of double Olympic gold medalist Laura Trott.

Victoria Monument, The Mall

Out in the suburbs.

Out in the country.

Out in the country and tiring.

She's pleased with herself.

A lady with 'modesty-length' hair as opposed to shoulder-length and another, similar, to her left!

A fine figure of a woman with justifiable self confidence to
be the only one 'in the buff' in this area.

Well she's certainly competing in the human race!

Nothing's black & white these days, just shades of grey. Interesting cycling helmets!

"I've not been to London since the congestion charge was first introduced. This looks to me like it's Whitehall. Might
almost have been worth paying the charge! Perhaps next year!" Webmaster.

Admiralty Gate again.
Lovely ladies - truly gorgeous one on the left, the other centre. Has the guy between them had a face transplant or did
he just give it a good scrub this morning? And to whom is he saluting?

Apparently there were thousands of them.

Lovely figure, black hair, shades, bags, wrist item & bike but green breast!