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4th June 2020.
A message of hope from 86259 stabled at Rugby.

4th June 2020.
A message of hope from 86259 stabled at Rugby.

4th June 2020.
A message of hope from 86259 stabled at Rugby.

10th May 2010.
A bit of battery charging at Tyseley Loco Works before 86259 departs for Willesden.

10th May 2010.
West Coast Railway's 37516 ready to drag 259 south to Willesden.

Crewe 10th October 2009.
Wow! 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" has just arrived with the return "Royal Scot" from Carlisle.
86259 will take over for the rest of the journey to London Euston.

On test at Oxley.

Nuneaton 10th October 2009.
Driver Bill Warriner looking for the 'Right Away' on the return Rail Touring Company "Royal Scot".

6 a.m. 9th May 2009.
86259 arrives at Birmingham International to take the coaching stock down to New Street to start
a trip to Carlisle.

Great Western Theme.
Behind is a Great Western 'Castle' and end on is 47770, which was once 47500 "Great Western".

7 a.m. 9th May 2009.
Birmingham New Street ready to head north.

Stabled at Soho a couple of days before a tour in 2009.

Preston, about to hand over to the "Scot".

The fitted flower vase in No.1 cab!

A possible sponsor?

Tyseley 2010.
The 'Harry Potter' "Hogwarts Castle" was sheltering under its real name "Olton Hall".

A replacement train brake valve just fitted.

Arriving at Willesden in 31190 to take 86259 back north for stripping and re-painting.

Ready to Leave Willesden to be dragged to Boden Rail Engineering, Washwood Heath, Birmingham.

The view from the rear cab of 86259 - the up slow and fast lines both busy, the up fast being used
by the 'pretendolino'.

December 2011.
Being shunted into Boden Rail Engineering, Washwood Heath.

December 2011.
31190 has just dragged 86259 into Boden Rail Engineering for a re-paint.

During the paint-stripping process the 86045 identity is revealed.

2nd February, 2012.
Inside Willesden depot.

Photographic interest at Preston.

West Coast drivers Bill Warriner and Jim Clarke at Crewe.

Stabled in Bay Platform 4c - who put that roof support in the way?

A bright day in Preston bay.

Willesden - May 2011.
86259's No.1 End bogie removed for inspection. (Photo: Nick Kempson)

Now THAT's a cavalcade!

25th November 2011
31190 ready to drag 86259 back north.

Two nice heritage liveries contrasted.

Washwood Heath
The long-lost prototype "Rocket" is discovered!

During the re-paint 86259 rests next to Neil Boden's "Mayflower".

The ghost of transfer-numbers past.

The last sign of the Pendolino presence at Washwood Heath.

6 a.m. 4th February 2012.
At Euston - 86259's first appearance in its dual identity as E3137.

'Brass Monkeys' at Carnforth!

The contents of the 'black box' OTMR data recorder but, hang on there, it's actually an orange box!
Shown here sitting here on my kitchen table, en route to being reset, with the rear end one of my
cats just visible behind it exercising a cat's inherent curiosity for anything novel!

Carlisle. 19th July 2014
A rare sight - approaching Carlisle Citadel. Photo: © <Carlisle 1457> on flickr

86259 Electric Blue
Touch-up paint to deal with a scratch on the driver's door. Through the windscreen 86101 can be seen
as 259 is sharing the same road at Willesden.

Well I don't know about you but I think it's amusing!

Christmas card session at Willesden depot.

Christmas Card 2013
The finished Christmas card which was in colour but oops! I seem to have converted it to B&W when
I sent it to my webmaster!