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These are photos from the 6th August trip. John Daniels and Jim Clarke drove on the out (down) trip while Phil Spice and Stephen Beames dealt with the return (up). There are two more excursions to Cumbria in which 86259 will take part and these are on 1st and 15th October. One is for the Railway Touring Company and the other for Steam Dreams.


Splash'n'the Pan! 86259 'Peter Pan' speeds through Brockhall with 1Z86 Euston-Carlise on the 6th of August 2016. This spot was a nightmare to get to, and I also got very wet! © Jason Rodhouse on Flickr.

Webmaster: I met Les Ross (much to his surprise!) at Nuneaton at 08:47 and it was already a fine warm day. If you got "very wet", did you fall into the canal near Whilton, Jason?


'Les' through fields of gold. A sunny morning greets Class 86/2 No. 86259 'Les Ross/Peter Pan'* as it charges up the grade at Grendon with The Railway Touring Company';s 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' 1Z86 07:10 London Euston - Carlisle on 6th August 2016. The crop is awaiting harvest, with the sea of gold contrasting with the ice-blue of the '86' and it's maroon rake. The headboard reads 'WN Willesden's Finest' - Willesden being the home depot of 86259. Copyright Photograph John Whitehouse - all rights reserved. (*86259 carries two names: 'Les Ross' is the name bestowed when working for Virgin XC, and is, of course, the name of the loco's owner. Earlier, in British Rail custody, it carried the name of 'Peter Pan'.) © John Whitehouse on Flickr.

Webmaster: Gorgeous photo but actually, John, the headboard reads 'Pride of Willesden' with an oval loco plate in the centre with W (1/A) N. See the photo immediately above or below yours.


86259 Peter Pan/ Les Ross arrives at Preston with the 1Z86 Euston to Carlisle special on 06 Aug 16. © John Hales on Flickr.


86259 ‘Peter Pan’ / ‘Les Ross’ arriving at Preston on 1Z86 07:10 London Euston – Carlisle ‘Cumbrian Mountain Express’ on 06/08/16. © Ryan Webb on Flickr.


Crewe Electric Blue. 86259 accelerates away from Crewe with The Cumbrian Mountain Express, 1Z86 0710 London Euston to Carlisle. The loco is carrying a Pride of Willesden headboard. Jubilee 45690 was due to take over at Preston. 6th August 2016. © wwatfam on Flickr.


86259 "Les Ross" roars south along the West Coast Mainline with 1Z87 Carlisle - London Euston, the return leg of "The Cumbrian Mountain Express" railtour. After a week off with nothing exciting running, I was pretty chuffed when I saw the weather today and that there was a chance for me to finally get out and shoot this loco. Sods law though the clouds rolled in about ten minutes before I got in the car! Acton Bridge 06.08.16. © DB37425 on Flickr.


86259 / E3137 'Les Ross / Peter Pan' weaves from the Up Fast across the Down lines to ease into platform 11 at Crewe Station at the head of the 1Z87 15:23 Carlisle to London Euston 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' on Saturday 6th August 2016. © TheSilkmoth on Flickr.

Webmaster: Just look at the amount of steel in this photo! Luckily the planet has a core of molten iron so there's no shortage!


The crew of E3137 / 86259 'Les Ross / Peter Pan' re-join the engine after a brief sojourn at platform 11 of Crewe station at the head of the 1Z87 15:23 Carlisle to London Euston 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' on 6th August 2016. © TheSilkmoth on Flickr.


6th August 2016. 86259 'Les Ross' returns 1Z87 'The Cumbrian Mountain Explorer' tour, Bulkington. © Craig A Johnson on Flickr.

Webmaster: Les Ross particularly likes this photo and I note that the panning is spot-on with the loco pin sharp and the background blurred, conveying the idea of movement. David Grieff can be clearly seen seated by the nearside window of the rear cabin.