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I have been very pleased to assist Les Ross in the creation of this, his second, website. The content in terms of prose and pictures, is totally down to him whilst my own contribution is in the form of layout, syntax (mark up language) and style sheets.

'Big Blue' (IBM) invented the PC in 1979 and as a result of my vocation I have had one on my desk since 1982 although it is only relatively recently that I became interested in Internet websites. I am self-taught from books ('HTML For Dummies' & 'CSS the missing manual') and web-based tutorials (mainly w3schools) from which I have learned html1, xhtml1 and css2.1. However, I continue to be inspired by the genius and lateral thinking of Stu Nicholls of http://www.cssplay.co.uk who can achieve the seemingly impossible with masterful use of html and css syntax.

I have based the Les Ross Photo Gallery by combining three of his ideas while the documentation of the instrumentation and controls in the cab of 86259 is yet another of his demos adapted to good use. Stu Nicholls also has sites at: iStu and at w3css

I am also thankful to Free Virtual Servers (Easy Internet Solutions Ltd) for hosting this website inexpensively.

This website deals with a form of transportation accustomed to travelling at 100mph. My own website also deals with transportation but, by contrast, its maximum speed is just 3½mph (a much less reckless speed at which to travel!) as it is the 60' canal narrowboat 'Lynx'!