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The West Coast Railway Company used 86259 on the 2013 Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express ("WCME") six times: each Saturday in February and the first two of March 2013.

Img 108

Inside Willesden depot on Friday 1st February, the day before the first 2013 Cumbrian Mountain Express.

Img 113

86259 is stabled on Number One road.

Img 114

Andy Pennington is applying the Willesden depot sticker over Neil Boden's top coat of electric blue.

Img 111

David Grieff is programming the GSM-R. This will be 86259's first outing under the new communication 'regime'.

Img 120

The West Coast Railway Company ("WCRC") class 47 diesel has brought the empty stock into Euston from their Southall depot.

Img 121

86259 has followed the empty stock into Euston from Willesden and Paul, the train guard, is overseeing the coupling-up.

Img 122

It's usually platform 3 at Euston for the WCME and on platform 4 is a Liverpool-bound Pendolino.

Img 123

RA for 'Right Away' and a green signal means we are clear to depart ..... on the mysterious Line X!

Img 127

The first station call is Watford Junction.

Img 129

Entering Milton Keynes.

Img 135

Passing Ledburn Junction.

Img 137

Catching the low morning sunlight at Atherstone.

Img 139

Overtaking a Freightliner at Brinklow, just north of Rugby.

Img 141

Driver Pete Collins bringing the train into Nuneaton.

Img 147

Leaning into the curve at Lichfield Trent Valley. (Photo: James Stokes)

Img 148

'On the fast' through Rugeley Trent Valley. (Photo: Robin Mathams)

Img 156

A WCME 2013 calls at Crewe on Platform 11.

Img 157

About to depart from Crewe.

Img 159

2nd February 2013. The new pantograph has completed it's first 150 miles!

Img 164

Onlookers at Preston.

Img 165

On-board fitter Richard Thompson 'minds the gap'

Img 166

At Preston, driver Jim Clarke checks to see if everyone's on board.

Img 172

North of Lancaster - going nuclear! An empty southbound flask train passes.

Img 176

In the Carnforth goods loop to hand over to the steam engine.

Img 180

Driver John Daniel takes 86259 forward into Carnforth station.

Img 183

A view of 'Number 9' from the cab of Number 259. The A4 Pacific will take the WCME north to Carlisle.

Img 188

86259 was stabled in Preston bay platform 4c on just one of the 6 WMCE trips.

Img 193

For the other five Saturdays, the loco was stabled in Preston station parcel sidings.

Img 194

A view of the Preston parcel sidings from the station platform.

Img 195

... and now from the other side.

Img 199

5:12pm. The scheduled time for 86259 to leave Preston to go, light engine, up to Farington!

Img 201

Farington sidings.

Img 205

With the West Coast Main Line on the left and the line to Blackburn curving off to the right behind the loco.

Img 202

Darkness has fallen on Farington.

Img 206

The return journey - the drop off call at Crewe.

Img 207

The Nuneaton drop off.

Img 210

Milton Keynes once again.

Img 211

Gliding up to the stops at Euston at the end of another successful journey.

Img 216

Our usual terminating platform at Euston was No. 2 but on the day this photo was taken the train is way over on the other side of the station.

Img 217

86259 spends the night in Euston. On Sunday morning it will return to Willesden.

Img 2763

Taken at Crewe on Thursday 10th October 2013 with its new headboard.