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Not a railway depot in the usual sense and, of course, not Immingham depot itself, which is a mile or so away, but Immingham Railfreight Terminal was “home” to 86259 for 16½ months, from November 2003 to March 2005. Fortunately, it got out alive!

Immingham is a town in North-East Lincolnshire , on the south bank of the Humber Estuary. The Railfreight Terminal was built to service the docks, but also acted as a storage point for locomotives and other railway vehicles, as well as a scrapping location (Easco). 86259 was moved from Willesden, after a few weeks storage there, on November 5th 2003. Along with 86229, 86233, and 86245, the group spent a day in Wembley yard, and were then moved to Doncaster Belmont Yard. Later, on the same day, they were moved to Immingham reception sidings (by the loco depot). Two weeks later, on November 20th 2003, 86259 along with its classmates was moved to Immingham Railfreight Terminal for store.

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86259, 86245 and 86233 soon after arrival at Immingham Freight Terminal. It looks bleak! (Photo: Chris Thompson)

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Fortunately 259 spent most of its time at Immingham inside .... and at least the windows remained intact. (Photo: Richard Thompson)

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86259 finally escaped on 31st March 2005 when it was moved by road to Tyseley loco works. Here it is having a rest break at Tamworth Services on the M42. (Photo: Bob Meanley)