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January 2018
It is 2018! Another day, another dollar, or rather, another year another 365 dollars.
Further revised 'Charter Trips/Future Trips' page for 2018 and produced version 2 of the
'Photo Opportunities' page to cater for trips via the Birmingham loop of the WCML. This new version
incorporates image mapping of WCML & ECML but, in the event, the page functions without this
Designed a new page dealing with the componentry making up the anatomy of an 86 2 locomotive but
am taking some advice from Les' engineer friend, David Grieff, before uploading it.
December 2017
Redesigned the index (Home) page, as usual, for the Christmas/New Year festive period.
October 2017
The webmaster has unfortunately not been at all well this year with the result that the site has not
been kept as up-to-date as otherwise perhaps it might.
Added map of the new Rugby stabling location to the Depots sub-menu.
Substantially revised 'Charter Trips/Future Trips' page and 'Photo Opportunities' page.
Added maps to mapping section of East Coast Mainline trip to Whitby and relief map of North Wales
inspired by the originally-intended Steam Dreams' trip to Hollyhead.
June 2017
Updated 'Charter Trips/Future Trips' page and 'Photo Opportunities' page and added new North Wales
relief map with pop-up tooltips. Also added North Wales map into section on maps.
March 2017
Prepared page for Charter Trips/Cathedrals Express 2017 and added to page for Charter Trips
/Cumbrian Coast Express 2017.
February 2017
Prepared 3 pages 'Miscellaneous/Need A Hand', '../Promising Future' and '../Trains For ROG' dealing with
recent Railway Herald Articles and a Thunderbird-style rescue/recovery trip.
It appears that someone on holiday in the Caribbean has noticed that I have omitted an RTC trip on
4th March from the 'Future Trips' page, so this omission has been rectified.
The 'Photo Opportunities' page has also now been updated for the 2017 trips planned.
January 2017
Not been too well in the period Christmas 2016 - end of January 2017.
Prepared page for the first Cumbrian Coast Express trip in 2017.
October 2016
Again redesigned '86259 The Drivers' page to improve on v2 (below) and included new photos and new engineer.
Completely redesigned '86259 The Drivers' page to feature a 'prev'/'next' gallery for each driver and added
two additional drivers to it.
Page for Steam Dreams' Oct 1st trip drafted but not yet complete.
September 2016
Additional item of jargon added to 'Railway Jargon'.
'Photo Opportunities' brought up to date.
Uploaded temporary Cumbrian Mountain/Coast Express for August as 'Cumbrian Mountain 2016 b'.
Future Trips updated.
Detailed map of Willesden/Wembley area completed.

Whereas the track maps produced to date represent London simply as a rectangle, I have now prepared
detailed maps of North West, North East, South West and South East London and even more detailed
maps of the complexity of the Willesden and of the Victoria/Clapham Junction areas therein although this
latter pair of pages are yet to be finished and uploaded. In order to incorporate these maps into this site
I have deleted the off-topic 'light relief' pages which were either exhibitions of the advanced use of CSS
or were "interesting" pages from my own website. Some pages have been moved into other sections of the
site and the menu and quiknav pages adjusted accordingly.

In the meantime, the 'hit' counter located at the very bottom of the home page has passed through
10,000 which pleases both Les and I (as webmaster).
July 2016
Prepared series of pages 'Anatomy of a Charter' in 'Miscellaneous' dealing
with track access and movements to achieve the Emerald Isles Express trip
from Euston to Holyhead and return.
June 2016
Updated 'Future Trips' and 'Photo Opportunities' for latest info.
Redesigned 'Miscellaneous/Sitemap' yet again for ease of maintenance.
Added 'Cumbrian Mountain Express 2016' and 'Cumbrian Coast Express 2016'
which deal with most of 86259's activity
in the six months to date.
Added 'Photo Gallery 3' (and revised gallery 2) which includes some
unusual images concerning 86259.
Added photo of the wheelset replacement team to 'The Return'.
May 2016
Added further new pop-up photos to 'Miscellaneous/Railway Jargon'.
April 2016
Added new pop-up photos to 'Miscellaneous/Railway Jargon'.
Prepared and added new menuing system.
March 2016
Brought site up to date with photos and events through the 2015/16 winter months.
WCME & CME 2016 page prepared dealing with landslip and WCRC problems
October 2015
Changed 'Future Trips' page to incorporate 2016 calendar and remaining 2015 journeys.
Added 2 photos to '86259 The Return' taken on main line test run.
September 2015
Added new page 'Loco 86259/2015 Return' about replacing the wheelsets.
Added new page about 'Big' trains - long, heavy, multi-engine, multi-multi wagon.
Radically revised index page and added new (mega) menu page to overcome disadvantages
of the flyouts which I have been using since the inception of the site. This is being
trialled for a while for user opinion.
Updated 'Site Admin/Sitemap (Quiknav)'
Slightly re-styled main menu page.
Added 7 more photos to 'Miscellaneous/Galleries/Gallery 2'
Moved 4 photos from 'Miscellaneous/Galleries/Gallery 2' to '.../Gallery 1'
Added a few more jokes to the top of 'Miscellaneous/Railway Humour'
Added pages about 2014-19 extension of electric network, incl map.
August 2015
Found unauthorized scripts in many of the .htm files whose entry therein was possibly
associated with my ill-fated attempts to create an in-house Comments form some time ago
and which I subsequently scrapped, returning to the third-party comments form currently in use.
These scripts have now been removed. Apologies to anyone affected by them.

Added new page 'Loco 86259/2015 Absence'. explaining 86259's absence from the main line in 2015.
Added new page 'Loco 86259/Wheel Wear' concerning railway wheel wear.
Added new page 'Loco 86259/Surviving 86s' listing surviving Class 86 locos at Aug 2015.
May 2015
Message from Les Ross about 86259's absence from the main line.
January 2015
Added more jargon and further developed 'Miscellaneous/RailwayJargon' page.
December 2014
Consequential adjustments to index, news, sitemap future trips, & photo opportunities for the below items.
Again re-designed 'Site Admin/Sitemap' to simplify adjustments.
Added page for 'Miscellaneous/A Tribute by Ruairidh' for item found on the internet(flickr).
Added page for 'Charter Trips Made/Prudential RideLondon/Pru RideLondon 2015' with latest info.
Added several additional photos to 'Loco 86259/Vacuum Circuit Breaker' page.
Removed in-house 'Your Comments' page and replaced with 3rd party guestboook as my php coding allowed
rogue scripts onto the site resulting in Google blocking surfers' access.
Added Amazing Maze Puzzle page (outsourced from Stu Nicholls) to 'Miscellaneous/Light Relief'.
Added Lake Crossing Puzzle page (outsourced from Stu Nicholls) to 'Miscellaneous/Light Relief'.
Added Mud Jumping Puzzle page (outsourced from Stu Nicholls) to 'Miscellaneous/Light Relief'.
Added Dark Maze Puzzle page (outsourced from Stu Nicholls) to 'Miscellaneous/Light Relief'.
Front page updated for the festive season.
Added 'Brum Pics Past' page to 'Miscellaneous/Galleries'.
Small adjustment made to 'Jubilee Requiem'.
Radically simplified 'Site Admin/Sitemap' page to facilitate documenting additional site pages.
Two interesting scenic track photos (not electric locos!) added to 'Miscellaneous/Galleries/Gallery 2'.
November 2014 Added 'Vacuum Circuit Breaker' page to 'Loco 86259' dealing with necessary further equipment
installed and journey involved.
Added 'Jubilee Requiem' page to 'Charter Trips Made'. 86259 standing in for 55002 at short notice.
Added revised and re-styled 'Future Trips' page with 2015 calendar.
August 2014 'Electric Network/All Routes Map' updated with significantly improved quality.
Temporary 'Charter Trips Made/Prudential RideLondon 2014' page added.
Added 'Charter Trips Made/On-trip Stabling' dealing with typical 86259 waiting periods.
Added 'Site Admin/Site Map' which can also act as a quick navigation page.
86259 acquired a new headboard on the occasion of the second Prudential RideLondon private charter.
July 2014 Updated 'Charter Trips Made/Cumbrian Mountain Express/WCME+CME 2014' for July trips
and added route map to page.
June 2014 Major update to 'Charter Trips/Future Trips' and styling adjustments.
Loaded 'Charter Trips/The Hadrian' photo essay with route map.
Compiled and loaded a page on drivers and engineers associated with 86259.
Fixed inadvertent 'bugs' in new menuing system on 'Home' page.
Loaded 'Charter Trips/Cumbrian Mountain Express 2014' photo essay.
Loaded 'Charter Trips/Cumbrian Coast Express 2014' photo essay.
Added photos to 'Miscellaneous/Gallery 2' photo album.
Fixed problems with new in-house 'Your Comments' page.
March 2014 Major revamp/restyle of Home page to replace horizontal dropdown/flyout menu with
vertical flyout menu with revised level 1 selections.
Adjusted style of calendar within 'Miscellaneous/Photo Opportunities' to bring page back
to 1024px desired width.
Restyled 'Links'.
Introduced in-house 'Your Comments' page to replace third-party 'Guestbook' (now working properly!).
February 2014 Major revamp/restyle of 'Miscellaneous/25kV 50Hz Route Map'.
Major revamp/restyle of 'Miscellaneous/Photo Opportunities'.
Restyled 'Charter Trips/Future Trips' to include highlighted calendar.

Header image of 'Loco 86259/History of 86258' improved.
Improved presentation of 'Miscellaneous/Railway Humour'.
Revised 'Charter Trips' for pending pages 'Cumbria Mountain Express 2014' and 'Cumbria Coast Express 2014'.
Updated 'Charter Trips/Future Trips' for latest position.
Edited 'Miscellaneous/Webmaster's Notes'.
January 2014 Header image of 'Loco 86259/History of 86258' updated to 2014.
New headboard added to 'Loco 86259/Headboards'.
New page added 'Loco 86259/86259 The Calendar!'.
New page added 'Miscellaneous/Railway Humour'.
Revised 'Charter Trips/Cumbria Mountain Express' for new headboard acquired.
New page added 'Charter Trips/Pretendolino RideLondon'.
'Charter Trips/Future Trips' brought up to date.
New photo added to 'Miscellaneous/Gallery 2'.
New page added 'Miscellaneous/Listen In'.
September 2013 Finally completed 'Prudential RideLondon' private charter and added to Charter Trips/.
Photo Gallery re-worked and re-styled in Miscellaneous/.
New (second) Photo Gallery added in Miscellaneous/.
August 2013 'Future Trips' page updated in Charter Trips/.
7th May 2013 Photo essay on the 2013 Winter 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' trips added to Charter Trips/.
'Railway Jargon' page added under Miscellaneous/Light Relief/
The Cumbrian Mountain Express will run twice more this year on Wednesday 22nd May 2013
and on Thursday 20th June 2013 which will certainly be lighter and longer days and hopefully
warmer too.
6th May 2013 'Kidney Kids Christmas Special' - original page now re-styled in Charter Trips.
17th April 2013 'Photo Opportunities' page added to Miscellaneous/.
New review added to '86259 The Book' in Loco 86259/.
Book reference added to 'Maidment's Comments' in Miscellaneous/Maidment's View/.
Revision to 'The Caledonian' (banner image & video reference) in Charter Trips/.
'News' page format revised.
4th April 2013 'Future Trips' page updated in Charter Trips/.
New page added to Charter Trips/ for 'The Caledonian'.
15th February 2013 Guestbook added to site so that visitors can record their visit/interest and add any thoughts
and suggestions they may have.
15th February 2013 This news page added to site.
January 2013. 86259 has been fitted at Willesden depot with a refurbished pantograph prior to the commencement
of the Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express trips lest the springs (which hold the carbon pick-up to
the overhead power lines) have weakened over time.