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After the 6th October 2012 PMR trip 86259 took the empty coaching stock back to Carnforth and then came back south as far as the West Midlands for a final coat of electric blue at Boden's Rail Engineering in Washwood Heath.

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November 2012 and 86259's webmaster, Jim Storey, pays a visit.

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By mid-December the paintwork was finished and 86259 was housed by Devon and Cornwall Railways ("DCR") at Washwood Heath until the New Year.

Img 1437

Outside the DCR shed with a surviving older building nearby.

Img 1444

56301 shunts 259 into the shed for Christmas and the New Year.

Img 1452

Safely inside out of the (very cold) elements (although it was just as cold inside the shed as out!). Just look at the quality of the reflections in the paintwork!

Img 1458

A chance to get the bogies painted.

Img 1465

A roof survey. Maybe a lick of paint up here?

Img 1470

The replica works plate is fixed on at last.

Img 1479

10th January 2013.
Back outside and 31602 shunts 86259 into position ready to be picked up by a WCRC class-47 diesel for the drag back to Willesden.

Img 1493

47804 (just visible at the rear), with driver Pete Collins, propels 86259 (with Bill Warriner on board) down the 'hill' towards the main Birmingham/Derby line.

Img 1497

Crossing the service road just before the connection to the main line.

Img 1503

The points are set for the entry onto the network and then 47804 will cross over to haul 86259 towards Water Orton, Nuneaton and up to Willesden.

Img 1510

Away they go!