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9th October, 2009. The day before the tour and 86259 is stabled overnight in the Port Arthur neck shunt half a mile out of Euston.

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Port Arthur neck shunt - not the most salubrious part of Camden!

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10th October, 2009. A dark, wet morning - preparing to leave with 'The Royal Scot'.

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Crewe - and the handover to the Duchess.

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While the steam-hauled portion of the trip is away, 86259 is in Crewe holding siding for the day.

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10th October, 2009, "Duchess of Sutherland" has just arrived at Crewe, having hauled the Railway Touring Company's 'Royal Scot' from Carlisle. 86259 is waiting to take over the train for the trip back to Euston. (Photo: Brian Proctor)

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9th October, 2008. Calling at Nuneaton with the return 'Royal Scot'.