A sitemap written in html is intended to record every html page on a website.

It can simply be a plain uninteresting list of the html files comprising the site or it can be displayed/styled to look like any other page of content. I have routinely styled this page to look like a navigation map and indeed it can be used as such if you prefer.

The sitemap is itself also a page of content so it follows that it should include reference to itself! However, at this point it is still missing the html files concerned solely with navigation, which are the section headings in the listing above. I list these below.

The title of a very few pages in the listing above are prefixed with a "  └─>" symbol. These are pages that cannot be accessed directly from the site's normal navigation menus but only from the page to which they exclusively relate (and, of course, from this sitemap page which lists all of the html files as explained above).