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Situated about 3 miles north west of Birmingham New Street, on the north side of the Birmingham to Wolverhampton line, Soho EMU depot is a stabling and light maintenance facility for the 323 units operating on the cross-city routes. It has a two-road maintenance shed and eight stabling sidings that can hold 16 units.

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When 86259 hauled a Vintage Trains trip, Soho EMU depot was instrumental in the operation. It was an integral part of the effort to prove that you could run an electric loco from the non-wired Tyseley depot, via Soho.

47773 has just dragged 86259 from Tyseley and is shunting it into its usual stabling point, on the back road behind the shed.

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The routine for a trip was for 259 to be taken to Soho a couple of days before the outing. The pantograph would be raised to the wires and the loco checked out as fit to run.

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On the morning of the trip the class 47 would bring the stock from Tyseley to Soho and 86259 would be attached and then head into New Street.

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A visit by a loco, especially an electric, is a pretty rare event at Soho.

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The satisfying buzz as the pan hits the wire!/p>

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86259, in all its glory, on the back road at Soho.

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On a couple of occasions the 86 was not put 'round the back' but was stabled in the sidings in front of the depot.

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May 7th, 2009. It is 2 days before a trip. In the background 47773 is disappearing back to Tyseley but it will be back on Saturday with the coaches - and then 86259 WILL be moved!

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86259 at Soho being kept company by a visiting Silverlink 321 and a home-based 323.